Project Secured – Chessington Surrey

4th March 2019

We are pleased to bring you news of our latest secured project:

Client Type: Furniture Wholesale

Building Type: 1970s Industrial Warehouse

Location: Chessington, Surrey

Approximate Size: 500 sq.m

Brief Project Description: Having successfully Oversheeted the neighbouring unit roof we were contacted by the client to provide possible roof refurbishment options for their property. The option of Oversheeting was discussed however the best solution proved to be a complete replacement including removal of asbestos-cement sheeting, glazed rooflights and installation of new Kingspan composite panels. Benefits that encouraged the client included removal of hazardous asbestos materials, upgraded insulation to meet Building Regulations, a new rooflight layout and a full Kingspan warranty. The added advantage is the new roof panels provide a new internal finish enabling the client to remove an unsightly plasterboard under-purlin lining that had suffered water damage from ongoing leak issues.

We look forward to commencing on site and reporting the finished work in the next few weeks.

Photo of existing roof:







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